A. These men were brought into a new consciousness of the Lord Jesus and themselves.

I. They found themselves in a closer companionship with Jesus than they had ever known during their 3 years in His company.

2. You can be in the company of Jesus and still not know Him-they knew about Him.

3. In which camp are you? Do you know Him or do you just know about Him?

B. They found --

1. They came to a new consciousness of themselves and saw their own weakness as they had never seen it before.

2. In this hour of filling all things became new.

II. God was new, the world was new, their life was new.

A. This little band had been walking in a wonderful light for 3 years.

1. Yet at this moment of filling and spiritual illumination, they experienced something they had never dreamed of.

2. Life had become a delight, they were conscious of a power driving them forth in the name of Jesus to begin the great work of proclaiming Him.

B. That was the daybreak of Christianity-there had been none in the world until that moment apart from the Lord Himself.

1. These disciples had never understood Him-things he said confused them.

2. It took the Holy Spirit to unveil the truth to them.

C. For the remainder of our time lets meditate on this experience.

I. First in relation to the work of Christ

2. Second in its relationship to the disciples

III. Pentecost in its relation to the work of Christ was the culmination of the earthly ministry of the Son of God.

A. We are not stretching anything if we say that the Lord began His work on the day of Pentecost.

1. All else was precatory, although necessary and fundamental.

2. All through His time of public ministry He spoke of His "being Straitened "

3. I am not for one moment under rating all that had preceded.

4. Apart from what preceded this Pentecostal effusion would have been impossible.

B. While Pentecost was the culmination of the earthly mission of Jesus, it was but the commencement of the heavenly.

1. From the moment those men were filled with the Spirit filled with the life of Jesus-we can reverently say that Jesus need no longer Say "I am straitened"

2. The bonds were broken, barriers swept away the limitations of believers at an end, real Christianity had now begun.

C. The first fact in Lord's ministry began with His self emptying the final fact was "they were filled with the Spirit"

I. The new life began and Christianity was established in world.

2. The incarnation, the death, the Resurrection the ascension all led to this out pouring of the Spirit.

IV. Let 5 now consider the experience of the Disciples

A. In this filling of the Spirit the disciples were joined to the man at God's right hand.

I. Paul writing to the Corinthians-He that is joined unto the Lord is one Spirit. I Cor. 6:17

2. Let's consider that statement the other way around.

3. He that is of one Spirit with the Lord is joined to Him.

B. That statement is the essential fact of Christianity

I. What is the Christian man or woman?

2. He or she is living one life with the Lord, not just a church goers who has a sentimental agreement with the purpose of Christ.

3. A real Christian is one who lives one life with the Lord of Glory.

4. Luke says-they were filled with the Spirit.

C. As a result of this experience they had a new vision-a new vision of God, of themselves and of the people of World.

1. Their eyes were strangely illuminated by the light of His mind and outlook.

2. G. Campbell Morgan put it this way: Not only is it true that they saw as He saw; it is also true that now through their eyes He was able to look at men, through their hands He was able to touch men, and by the gift of their feet to Him He was able to travel anew through Judea and Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the earth. They were joined to the Lord, and the limited and localized Body of Jesus of Nazareth was thereby immediately multiplied a hundredfold, and the multiplication has continued through the centuries. Every new man, woman, boy, girl won from the world into relation with Him has become a new Body for Jesus in which He lives, through which He looks, in which He speaks, in which He travels, and through which He comes nearer and yet nearer to the wounds and weariness of humanity,

B. Since these men were joined to the Lord, the first principle of their life will be His! what was that principle?

I. The self emptying-life was now lived for others.

2. That is the story of the Spirit filled life

3. Show me a man or woman living as bread for others and I'll show you a Spirit filled person.

4. If I contend that I am filled with the Spirit and live a self centered life-I blaspheme the Spirit.

C. Jesus emptied Himself-the disciple that is filled with the Spirit will also be an emptied vessel.

1. Emptied of self to be filled by another person.

2. These men, filled with the Spirit became God manifesting men.

3. Paul said to the Corinthians-Your body is the temple of Holy Spirit

4. That's the meaning of Pentecost.

D. God manifesting Himself through His people

I. Jesus living in your form.

V. I Know The Incarnation Of Christ Is Unique

A. But the principle of God inhabiting a human being runs from the day of Pentecost until this hr. (John 14:20 -- John 15:4-5)

I. We are now God's incarnation- enfleshment of God.

2. Peter refers to this in His epistle when he says:

"Ye are an elect race, a royal priesthood, a Holy Nation, a people for God's own possession, that ye may show forth the excellencies of Him Who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light."

To be filled with the Spirit is to be an instrument for the manifestation of God to the sons of men.
To be filled with the Spirit is to live the life of love and service, in word and in work.
To be filled with the Spirit is to share the suffering that saves.

B. But before we can be filled with the Spirit we must be born of the Spirit.

I. That comes when you place your faith and trust in Jesus Christ.