A World Gone Mad

Arthur J Licursi

Part 1 of 3: Alarmed?

Alarmed? Are you, as a dedicated believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, alarmed at the present state of our country and that of the whole world?

Perhaps your concern, as many others, has been provoked by an election that has left you bowled over at the realization that so many people turned a blind eye to the lack of the candidates’ honesty and true Biblical values. Then perhaps you may recognize that your church has become apostate (fallen away), diving off the deep end doctrinally; you’re wondering when a sermon will finally quote a Bible verse in place of a weekly book review.

  • You’re astonished to see western society openly welcoming Islamic influence in their nations.

  • Maybe you’re tired of hearing about people being thrown into jail overseas or sued in the USA for simply praying in the name of Jesus in public.

  • The Christian church at large seems to you to be stagnant, fractured, impotent, and in disarray for want of righteous leadership with a strong biblical worldview.

  • You see evil being called good, and good bring called evil (see, Isaiah 5:20).

  • You see that the world is mostly poised against Israel and anti-Semitism is again openly declared.

  • You may ponder if you are a dying breed in a world that has become increasingly cold and more hostile towards God and one’s fellow man.


Yet, Biblically, we should not be surprised. This day has been perfectly prophesied and described in the pages of our Bible.