The Rapture of the Church, which is

The Body of Christ

 A Study Series by Arthur J Licursi

       The "Conflict of the Ages"

       The Catching Away of "the Body of Christ"

       A Time-line of the "the last days"

& the Events of Daniel's 70th Week


       Examining the Differences Between the Callings and Eternal Destinies of Israel and that of "The Body of Christ"


       Dispelling Some Commonly Mistaken Notions Among Christians Today



Part 1 The "Conflict of the Ages"

Part 2 The Significance of the Rapture

Part 3 Co-Reigning With Christ In Heaven

Part 4 Truth Lost, Regained, & Lost Again                    

Part 5 Three Major Comings of Christ   

Part 6 - Are You Pre, Mid, or Post Trib?

Part 7 The 2nd Coming of Christ to Earth

Part 8 The Eternal Kingdom & the New Earth

Part 9 Human Life on the New Earth

Part 10 - The Delay in Israel 's Program

Part 11 Chronologically Dating Daniel's "Seventy Weeks" Prophecy

Part 12 Questions Regarding Daniels' 70th Week

Part 13 The "Times of the Gentiles" and The "Time of Jacob's Trouble"

Part 14 - Nebuchadnezzar's  Dreamed Image

Part 15 - The Millennial Kingdom

Part 16 Paul Refutes False Teaching

Part 17 - Moderating Influence of the Holy Spirit

Part 18 Several Misapplied Scriptures    

Part 19 The Bride of Christ & The New Jerusalem

Part 20 "In My Father's House"

Part 21 What Are the Next "Things to Come"?

Part 22 - Explanation of "Things to Come"

Part 23 - "In The Fullness of Times"