Part 2

Guided By The Inner Sense of Christ's "Spirit of Life":

Many Christians spend great deal of time and effort trying to determine God's will for them in a particular decision they are about to make. They wait for instruction from the Lord to guide them as to what they should do in the matter at hand. They live as though it were still "time past" when men of God did not yet possess the abiding indwelling "Spirit of life in Christ Jesus." So they seek to live by outer guidance and confirmation of God's will, by signs, or word from someone else, looking for a rise of emotion. Yet today, in the time of "the dispensation of the grace of God" we live in what Paul calls "But Now." Paul says "Now the Lord is that spirit" (2Cor 3:17); We have the written word and Christ's ever-present indwelling "Spirit of life" (cf., Col 1:26-27, Rom 8:2, 1John 4:13) within us as the new us, as our very life in which He prompts, guides, and restrain us.

In time past I had some outer guidance from the lord "but now," knowing Him as I do, I find that He rarely guides me by outwardly telling me what He wants me to do Now I just do as I'm inwardly prompted and am free to do in union with Him. I'm free to live in accord with Christ's "Unspoken Yes"! You see, He's also faithful to let me know what He does "not" want me to do.

We have an example of this from our prior life when we served the Sin-nature. I formerly functioned as a sinner quite naturally, automatically, spontaneously, as a self-loving and self-seeking self, as a getter. It came naturally. I just did what I reasoned and wanted to do. Now my proper living and doing ought to be just as spontaneous as was my former fallen inclination. Now, by His life within me. I have His automatic innate sense that prompts me and guides me, without bells and whistles. Now I'm absolutely free. I enjoy that "in Him we (I) live, and move, and have our (my) being" (Act 17:28), He's now our "life."

Now I clearly know what we I'm NOT to do by the inward restraining sense of Christ's indwelling spirit. This I call His "NO"! Jesus said "He that is of God heareth God's words..." (John 8:47). We need to become attuned to recognize His expression of "NO"! This "NO" is an inward restraint, an inner knowledge of His life. It's most commonly known to us by the "conscience" of our spirit speaking into our consciousness as a co-perception. We innately know when we should not pursue or say this or that. We may then sense of an inward limitation, a heaviness, a restraining sense as we consider "doing" or "saying" this or that.

Most often the sense of "NO" is contrary to what we in ourselves want or prefer to do in a matter if we had our way. The word "conscience" in Greek is "sundenesis," meaning "a co-perception." This is of another indwelling knowledge that is deeper than our mind and entirely a function that we have by Christ speaking within us as our new life. When we agree with the restraining sense we are then "dying to self." That dying to self permits His life to come forth and accomplish whatever He wants; "our life is not our own."

Our failures in obedience do not invalidate who we are as Father God's children, but children are to grow up. We as believers now and forever have Christ as our life whether we succeed or fail in our obedience to the sense we have of Him.

Allegorically, my own physical children are mine by my life that is irrevocably in them, be they good or bad. We do have Christ's life indwelling this frail "earthen vessel" (2Cor 4:7), so yes, at times we, "as" so-called independent selves, leave who we really are in Christ to seek our own independent way. We may at times foolishly turn away from the Lord within our spirit, but we always remain a child of our Father by His life within us, whether abiding with Him or apart from Him. He goes with us as we misuse His life.

We see this by the story of the prodigal son who left his father, while still possessing his father's life in his veins. Christ's life is in and one with our spirit, irrevocably as our only legitimate life (Gal 2:20). Oftentimes, what we may "do" has nothing to do with who we are, since we may live beneath our true status in Him. As to righteous living, we are a work in progress so far as the renewing of our soul's will and mindset. Sometimes we choose to disobey and violate what we know (James 4:17) by His spirit within; nevertheless we remain His children by birth being born of the Father's spiritual loins by His "Seed (sperma), which is Christ" (Gal 3:16, cf., 1Pet 1:23).

Being sealed with His Spirit (Eph 1:13), my salvation is eternally secure in Him. My being born the first time, physically, never was dependent upon anything I did. It was the result of the procreative work of my earthly father, Joseph Licursi with my mother. Likewise, my heavenly Father brought me to be who I am entirely by His work through His Seed, Jesus Christ, now living in me as the new me. All I did was "receive Him" (John 1:12), the Father's "Only Begotten Son." Christ, as the Father's "Seed" (1Peter 1:23, Gal 3:16), was dispensed into the womb of my human spirit. I was regenerated with Christ's Spirit in my spirit - now we are forever "one spirit." At our rebirth Christ's indwelling resurrected Spirit swallowed up our human spirit, such that we are now "one spirit" (1Cor 6:17) with Him. Paul very often refers to this "one spirit" in us simply as "the spirit" (cf., Rom. 1:9, Gal 5:16, 25), being the one eternally mingled spirit within us. Him as Tea in my water have become "one." This is God dwelling in us, as the new us!

When we turn away to disobey the innermost sense we have of Him, we should ultimately come to learn by the inward distress it brings that we should return to abide our soul in Him who "is our life" (Col 3:4a), just as the prodigal ultimately "came to himself" and returned to his father. Our Father's life in Christ is now within our spirit and that's where we are to abide in blessed union with Him. We, as a "soul," must ultimately return to who we are at our core, in our "spirit" as a rebirthed "child of God." In our spirit we enjoy "the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus" (Rom. 8:2), as "our life" ( Col 1:27) with His power and guidance.

Our spirit now is spontaneously and eternally alive by Christ indwelling us. God's life is spontaneous, innate, intuitive, and our spirit is now alive by Christ's life as our new life and nature (2Pet 1:4). It His by "Unspoken Yes"  that we "in Him ... live and move and have our being." We are free to live, as our spirit permits us. Life always flows spontaneously, or it's not alive. A tree lacking the flow of sap is dead. Likewise, Christ is our life and always flowing within us, spontaneously.

We will ultimately learn to know and not question this living, inner, intuitive sense that we have by His life. What we sense of Him may be contrary to the logic of our mind; after all it's of a life that's deeper than our mind its Christ alive within us. It is the impulse of Him within our spirit. We have the inner anointing of His Spirit within us, by which we "know all things" (1John 2:20, 27) pertaining to our life. His Spirit is the innermost anointing "teaches us" and "is the truth." We simply abide in His living "unspoken yes" by abiding in accord with His Spirit flowing in us and enjoy His peace (Rom 8:4-6).

Allegorically, our awareness of His unspoken yes within is much the same as when we are physically well. When we're healthy we're not conscious of any restraint in our body, we simply move spontaneously until we are ill or injured, then we feel a limiting sense of discomfort or restraint in body. Likewise, "God's Unspoken Yes" is most often without a conscious sense; but His "No" is known to us by a co-perceptive sense within that sense of heaviness, a knot in our gut, or simply a inner restraint whereby we just know that "we should not do this or that." Ours then, is to obey this innermost living Word, which is Christ speaking within us. We should yield to Him, knowing that His will is best for us. Now, in faith, we love God our Father and His indwelling Son. We freely live according to our love relationship with Him.