The Essential Spirit


A series of 14 parts

As study, I recommend that you also research read the Bible reference verses cited in addition to those that I’ve fully included in the text. Those verses cited are meant to either support the previous phrase or thought, or they add understanding to it.

I trust that you will enjoy and gain from this study as much as I did in writing.

Arthur J Licursi



Part 1

INTRODUCTION: The spirit in man was originally dispensed by God breathing into Adam's clay body. By God’s breath, Adam became fully alive and animated as a living soul and body. That same breath of God, then called the “spirit of man,” is passed to all of us as Adam’s human descendants. The “spirit in man” (Zech 12:1) is the core of life (Zoe, spirit life) in created man – both the saved and the unsaved. Job 32:8 (AMP) But there is [a vital force] a spirit [of intelligence] in man, and the breath of the Almighty gives men understanding.

This paper explains how the original human life in every person is rooted in God’s spirit. Some of us believe God’s good news and go onto receive “the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus” (Rom 8:2a). Christ adds THE most vital element, the Spirit of life of in Christ Jesus” (Rom 8:2a). Christ as the Spirit in us is THE Essential Spirit, the element that makes us a new, eternal, spirit creation; making us God’s literal rebirthed children. We then have our citizenship transferred to the heavenlies (Philip 3:20, Eph 2:6), where paradise now is located since Christ‘s resurrection; Jesus said, “be with me in paradise” (Luke 23:43).  

The believer’s union and walk with “the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus,” then within his own spirit as his new core life, is the Christians object, his source for living life in rest and peace with fruitfulness unto God.

I find there are two extreme Christian types who miss out on enjoying the benefits, rest, and intimate union with Christ. They each misuse the Bible, by which God intends to lead them to spirit-union with Him, via the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus, now resident within their spirit (John 4:24, John 3:6, 1John 4:13, 1Cor 6:17).

·   I once was a fundamentalist and witnessed many dear ones who have little to do with the Spirit in an intimate way. They seem to have a fear of an intimate inner relationship with the Lord who now is the essential Spirit within their spirit. They say they have received the Lord …but then they keep God at arms length, as it were. They live as though God is outside of them, way up there, and they must try to serve Him remotely, by doing what they interpret the Bible to say. These usually are people who say they base their life upon “the Bible only” (sola-scriptura). Actually, they base their life upon their interpretation of the Bible, which may or may not be correct. This all sounds fine to them, but in fact it actually keeps them from touching the Lord in the way of spirit-union with His indwelling Spirit of life. Usually they mix law and grace, clinging to remnants of “the law” and denominational authority as their key to living and learning. As they attempt to follow the letter of the law, they miss out on touching His Spirit-life and power for their daily life supply because… "the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life." 2 Corinthians 3:6

·   I once also was a Charismatic and witnessed that many other dear ones are fully involved in the spiritual aspects of their relationship with the Lord. However, many often attribute things to “the Spirit” that are not really of the Spirit. Hermeneutically, they tend to spiritualize the Bible wherein it is plainly literal, thus misinterpreting, and/or adding to the Scripture’s intent. They also may tend to make their apparent spiritual experiences to be superior to the revealed written word of God for “the body of Christ”; expecting that their experience is for everyone today. They often misappropriate Scripture that was written of and to Israel , applying it to “the Church, which is His body.” They usually then mix law and grace, with much confusion and disapointment being the result. Misapplying Scripture in this way, they sort of pilfer and claim God’s promises to Israel as if they are for their selves, yet they lay aside the curses God says would come upon Israel for disobedience (Deut 11:26). This actually is the most common error among Christians in general; they misapply to their selves that which was written to and concerning Israel , when in fact it was not spoken of, written to, or concerning “the church, which is His body” according the Gentile’s Apostle, Paul.

Thus, each extreme misses out on the inheritance of “the spirit (Eph 1:14), which is ours by the life and working of the Lord; who now is “the Spirit” (2Cor 3:17a) within our human spirit. We need to understand the working of “THE Essential Spirit” in order to gain from our spirit-union with Him.
May we be those who receive of the speaking of “the Spirit of truth,” who reveals Christ in us, to us (John 16:15).