Comfort in Suffering

for God's People

A Nine-part Study Series

By Arthur J Licursi


While we may perhaps have been unaware of the Lord's great and unconditional love and grace toward us and His total commitment to us as believers, its likely that we may have asked these questions.

1.      Why do we as Christians suffer?

2.      Why do bad things happen to good people?

3.      Why do Good things happen to bad people?

4.      If the Lord is the God of love, why does He allow suffering, especially to come upon those He loves?

5.      How should we as Christians view their apparent greatest loss, physical death?

Every genuine Christian should ultimately realize that...

God is Sovereign and OVER ALL the Happenings In The Believer's Life and that He is Working In and Through All Things For Our Eternal Good.

If we truly believe this, knowing that He loves us unconditionally, we would never fear or question His love for us... even in the midst of our life's trials.