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The Human Spirit – is the Third and Most Vital Part of Man’s Being.


Hidden and obscured, there is another organ and faculty deeper within man than his soul. It has remained a mystery throughout all the ages. It is the unknown object of every seekers search for reality and satisfaction. It is far deeper than man’s body and deeper yet than man’s mentality of understanding.

By our self we could never find it. We could meditate in our mind – but never find it. We could sit under a tree for hours in the sun or shade, ponder, clear your mind of every thought, try recollect the past, consider the future, concentrate, open up, try be enlightened, whatever… still we would not find it. That is because the key to man is deeper than our soul sense.

Man Is Tri-Part In His Make-Up.

1 Thes. 5:23 …I (Paul) pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless...

Herein is the key to answering our questions.

There is so much misconception of the distinction between the soul of man and the spirit of man, in the world today, especially in the religious world. Yet, there is a very great difference in the purpose and function of the soul of man and the spirit of man.

Just as the life-giving marrow as the source of life in the physical body is twice hidden, in man’s flesh and then also within the bone; hidden within the body and the soul of man is deeper third part, it is the human spirit. The human spirit is so close to the soul, so encased by the soul, that it is often mistaken for the soul; but it is not the soul. It is the spirit of man.

Job 32:8 “But there is a spirit in man:” …

Proverbs 20:27 “The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord”

Zech 12:1b “…the spirit of man within him…”

Hebrews 4:12 “… dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow…”

Again and again comes the inner yearning, a restlessness driven by a hunger for fulfillment. It is a desire that emanates from our unfulfilled human spirit. It is our empty spirit, as a living yet empty container, that gnaws at us, desiring to be filled.

If the human spirit is yet empty while generating this desire and hunger, what does it desire?

The human spirit was made to contain God Himself, to be filled with God. So, God placed the desire in man that his human spirit would be filled and satisfied by receiving God.

All roads to this deepest part of your being have been cut off – your soulish self-effort cannot get you there… all roads but one won’t work -- Only God Himself can get you there.

Otherwise, man is never satisfied because his deepest part still remains to be filled with God’s very life and nature. Indeed, the very purpose and function of man is …to receive, and be filled with, the very life of God Himself. It is for this purpose that man, unique among creation, was created with a human spirit organ, as the precise location and organ meant specifically to relate to and ultimately contain the very life of God who is “The Spirit.”


The mind is able to think, but only the human spirit can contact, receive, and be filled with God Himself as the fulfillment of man’s desire and search for satisfaction.