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God’s Gift of His Son’s Innocent Royal Blood

It is important to realize that Jesus was not man’s invention – no human Father’s genes and no human genius or effort developed Jesus. Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, was and is the Gift of God the Father, come to earth as the Son of Man.

Jesus’ story is not of man becoming God, but rather, God becoming human - divinity putting on humanity.

Let’s now look at the role of the father and mother in the conception and birth of every born baby. The father is the one who is the progenitor, the giver of life, the one who provides the spark of life. We see by the example of surrogate motherhood that mothers do not create lifethey bear the life implanted in their womb. A mother carries the child for nine months, contributing some genetic material as to the physical body as it develops; she nourishes the unborn baby, and gives birth to the new life.  

Yet, NONE of the mother’s actual blood ever enters the child’s blood system at any point. Their lives are separate and distinct; since “the life of the flesh is in the blood” they are different individual persons.

Jeremiah 31:22b (NIV)The LORD will create a new thing on earth -- a woman will surround a man."

The word “surround” is “compass” in the KJV, which in the Hebrew is “sabab.” This is defined by Strong's Greek & Hebrew Dictionary as a primitive root; “to revolve, surround or border; used in various applications…”

It is the seed of the father that determines the life in the blood of his offspring and crucial characteristics of the offspring, while it is the woman who bears, surrounds, and nurtures that life to its birth. Prophetically, Jeremiah 31:22 was a foretelling of Mary who would surround the new life of Jesus in her womb. She was not one with Jesus’ life. She would “surround” and nourish the baby Jesus, but His life was separate and distinct in life from Mary. She was born of her father Heli, but Jesus was born of His Father - God. Galatians 4:4 (NIV) …God sent his Son, born of a woman

Let’s now look closer to see this by considering “fetal blood”…versus a “mother’s blood.”

    Excerpt taken from the website here noted: Date updated: October 25, 2007 - Content from Healthwise

“Fetal Blood Flow” - A fetus (a baby) is fed, or nourished, by the mother through the placenta, which is attached to the umbilical cord. In the placenta, the mother's blood and the fetal blood both flow through vessels that are very close together. But the mother's blood does not mix with the fetal blood. When the mother's blood is close to the fetal blood, oxygen and nutrients move from the mother's blood into the fetal blood.” … “As the (fetal) blood flows through the fetus, it picks up waste products and returns to the mother through the umbilical cord.”

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Why is this so significant? This means that when Jesus shed His blood and sacrificed His life for the mankind on the cross…the blood that He shed was not human blood – it did not come from Mary, or sourced in the life of fallen mankind in any way – it was purely Divine Royal Blood.”

Only Jesus’ blood is qualified to redeem mankind since His precious blood was not of or related to a human person who had sinned. Thus, only Jesus was qualified to redeem mankind, by His Royal blood.

What an awesome thought! This is why the Gift of God given to mankind that first Christmas in the person of Jesus of Nazareth is so remarkable and unfathomable. Jesus came as of God the Father’s own life, manifested in blood and human form. Jesus was human and yet sinless. He was innocently qualified to die for us, to pay for our sins. He could then rise from the dead as the Spirit of life and come to indwell those who had been made clean by His Royal blood.