"The Blood of Christ & Forgiveness of Sins Under the Grace Gospel"


In this series we will explore some of the great and rich differences seen in Paul's "gospel of the grace of God" which He received directly from the ascended Jesus. We will note the Old Testament provision for Israel's sins, and that of what was presented by Jesus to "the Jews," and that which the 12 Apostles preached to the believing Jews in early Acts, before Paul's conversion, several years after the cross.
The differences lay in 1) the means, 2) the basis for, 3) the effectiveness, and 3) the benefits of Christian gaining full forgiveness sins as they go on in their daily lives.
My prayer is that we each come to see the riches of the glory of the work of Christís cross, which resulted in the glorious life of Christ that now abides within the spirit of every regenerated Christian who has been born of God the Fatherís spiritual loins. That life is a forgiving life, since we have been forgiven by God of ALL our sins. Thus, we are equipped to forgive ourselves and othersÖ freely We have a basis for "no more condemnation" of ourselves and others.
In His Freely Given Grace & Unconditional Love,
Arthur J Licursi