Do you remember the Aesop's fable about The Tortoise and the Hare? It is a story about a race between a rabbit and a turtle. Sounds ridiculously one sided. The rabbit starts off with a bang; stops; falls asleep and discovers the turtle has just trudged along one step at a time and crosses the finish line first. The moral of the story is that the race (of life) is not won by how you start but by how a consistent regular pace achieves victory. Our life as Christians should resemble the turtle more than the rabbit. We all know people who start off with a bang and drop-out of the race quickly-when things get hard.

The truth is there is a need for regularity in our walk with God. Most of us in life are "regular" people - not extremely blessed by intellect, skill or wealth but just "normal" people moving through life trying to honor God as Christians who have been forgiven and promised etemal life at the end.

 When we think of regular we often think of it in different ways; he's just a regular guy; we put regular gas in our car; we order regular coffee (no decaf) and in these instances we use it as being "normal" not enriched or altered in any way.

But there is another way we use the word regular. In this instance it involves consistency and dependability. We get regular checkups from our doctor and dentist and we make fruits and vegetables a regular part of our food to insure our health. We set aside money on a regular basis to prepare for retirement years to insure our financial health. This meaning applies to our spiritual life as well. It is not always glamorous or exciting to do things ona regular basis but it insures a lifestyle that is pleasing to the Lord.  God asks us to do some things on a regular basis. Matt. 7 gives us the parable of a person who builds the foundation of his life on a solid footing and therefore can withstand the winds of adversity. We are told to worship on a regular basis in Heb. 10:25; we are challenged to give regularly to the Lord's work in II Cor. 9:7; we are encouraged to "always give thanks to God the Father in everything" (Eph. 5:20); we are exhorted to "pray without ceasing" (I Thess. 5: 17). Throughout scripture we are called to do many additional things on a regular basis: forgive, speak the truth, witness, be joyful, praise God, seek His will etc. We should live in such a way that God can be pleased with us each day.  Why do these things? Because God blesses us on a regular basis with His abounding mercies and loving kindness. He has provided for us all we need to live a victorious abundant life one day at a time. Do not start fast and falter; serve God like the turtle ran his race - regular and consistent. 

You are loved.