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The Container - Dr. Donald J. Ralston

The last week in Aug. The Lord took me down memory lane in --- showing me how He uses His container of human flesh. Dr. Ralston came to mind as a tall skinny young married man with two small children. A man who have a love for God's word and people, with a sense of freedom about him.

Little by little we were learning 'who we were not  - that we thought we were.' The flesh being over ruled by Him as His seed ( Christ) was watered by His Holy Spirit and the growth continues day by day. Christ and the Holy Spirit was at work.

Don was a young man preaching three times a week - A college professor during the day with a week night on the beach answering questions of the hippies of that day.

Your spirit felt free being around him.

Don was weak in the body during those days but God carried him through.

Down through the years God expanded His ministry through Don.

One ministry was the word on audio tape - started with reel tape for the sick and those who miss a Sunday or two.

A full time assistant pastor, Dr. Richard D. Peper came on board. A college professor at two colleges along with Don. He was also the paymaster for the local U.S. Postage Service.

They continued in their Study learning Of God.

A new corporation church were built and New Christian School started.

Don was free with the pulpit and The Lord bought many men through the church door to teach about God and God's son, Jesus Christ.

The audio tape ministry started to grow leaps and bounds with out man's effort, in over fifty nations. The total outcome will never be known. God have allow us to know the following:

In China the tapes were duplicated 2000 times over and sent out. They received four sermons per month - that was 8000 sermons per month going to the people.

In South Pacific a Sr. Father in charge of Pacific Catholic Churches received tapes for years.

A priest in India use the tapes for preaching the word to the people.

In South America the tapes were used to teach English in college.

Yes, God was working through His container. Dr. Ralston and the people of the corporate Church were not aware of what God was doing. God was speaking through out the world through Don but it seem to us, that Don was just a pastor of a corporate church in small town in North America.

Yes, there was struggle in the flesh but God was always the winner.

Having learned that it is Christ who ministers through His container. It is Christ who lives in us as us. It's Christ who died for our sin - did away with the law and was resurrected so we could have His Life and be a living temple of God.

Thank you, Dr. Ralston for learning that you are a container, for Him and His teaching of the mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

As one container to another Hallelujah Glory be to God