JESUS THE GREAT WORD OF THE BIBLE (Matt 1:21) (John 1:1,2)

I. Introduction

A. This is the first in a series on Great Words of the Bible.

1. Jesus is the first of the Great Words, for the N. T. actually calls him "The Word".

2. What an extraordinary title for Him to bear-Why call Him, the word?

3. Just as the word is the son of our thought and exactly expresses it, so is Jesus the Son of God and exactly expresses Him.

B. Jesus is called, the express image of His Person.

1. The God who was inaudible, invisible and intangible was expressed in Jesus and in Him became audible, visible and tangible. (l John 1:1,3)

2. The good news is this-this great and glorious Jesus is all for the sinner.

3. He dies for the sinner, he rose for the sinner and at this very moment is interceding in heaven for the sinner.

C. If you are a sinner, Jesus belongs to you because it was for the fact of your sin that He came.

1.Our sins then, if they are acknowledged become the sinners very qualification for Jesus.

II. This Wonderful Grace is found in His Name.

A. Scripture Names are treated seriously. A persons name often describes the character and destiny of the one to whom it is given.

1. The naming of a child often had a prophetic significance.

2. That was certainly true of Jesus. Keep in mind that I am not talking about His title but His name.

3. Christ is His title - not his name.

B. His name was given by an Angle to Joseph Matt 1: 20, 21

1. Thou shall call His name Jesus for He shall save His people from their sins.

2. That name Jesus is very special.

3. Je is an abbreviation of Jehovah - the covenant name of God revealed to Moses at the burning bush meaning I Am.

4. SUS - is an abbreviation of another Hebrew word meaning Savior. The name then means Jehovah Savior.

C. Immediately the angel gives an exposition of the meaning of the name.

1. He shall save His people from their sins.

2. Savior is His name because saving people from their sin is His business.

3. Note the emphasis is not so much on saving the lost from their sins but saving His people from their sin.

4. Apparently people who belong to Him have their sins too.

III. He is available to the Person Who Feels Defeated.

A. If you know that you have failed and struggling against sin that seems to be more than you can handle.

1. Then Jesus by the very name given is the Person that you need.

2. I often think after I sin that Jesus doesn't want anything to do with me.

3. All He wants is for us to confess it and He will save you from it.

B. C. H Spurgeon - The first link between my soul and Jesus is not my goodness but my badness, not my merit but my misery, not "standing but my falling, not my riches but my need. He comes to visit His people not to admire their beauties but to remove their deformities, not to reward their virtues, but to forgive their sin."

C. Praise God, we have a personal Savior for your personal sin.

1. Jesus is a specialist in the realm of sin, neither shocked nor defeated by it.

2. It is in this area of dealing with sin that He has gained his fame.

3. He is not famous for the number of good Christians He pats on the back - for the simple reason there are none to pat.

4. He is famous for the sinners He has saved, for the transgressions He forgives, the messes He cleans up and the relationships He has healed.

5. He is also known for the life He pours into otherwise empty hearts.

IV All Fullness is Found in Christ (Col 1:19).

A. It pleased the Father that in Him all fullness dwell.

I. The word translated fullness is - that which fills or completes that which is lacking.

2. In other words all the provision for what is lacking in our lives has been caused to dwell for us in Christ.

3. Peace, power, victory, spiritual abilities all are in Him.

B. I do not need to go outside of Christ for any thing.

I. In other words God has put ty all where sinners, flops and failed saints like I am can get it.

2. This is indeed good news.

3. Confessed emptiness to Jesus is ever the way to fullness

4. This is what is called coming in by the back door, the beggars door. Then our faith can sing something like this;


Jesus Christ is made to me,

All I need, all I need;

He alone is all my plea,

He is all I need.

Wisdom, righteousness and power

Holiness this very hour,

My redemption full and sure,

He is all I need.