Evangelism to All the World with the True Gospel of 100% Grace
The Father is wanting evangelism to all the world with the true gospel of 100% grace. What is the true gospel? What does "make disciples" really mean? How do you make disciples of "all nations"? What message are we to teach disciples? Christ lives in us is the evangelist. Christ in us is the witness of the Father. Let us be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, the revealer of the true gospel, and see how He wants to open the truth of the Word of Christ to fulfil the heart cry of our Heavenly Father.

By Dwight Davis

"Having at intervals come to them, Jesus once then spoke to them ever saying, 'All authority has once then been given to me in heaven and upon the earth. Once then going therefore, you shall once then make disciples of all the nations, ever baptizing them into the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, ever teaching them to ever observe all things that I once then accomplished in you; and lo, I ever am with you all the days until the completion of the age. Amen' " (Matt. 28:18-20, author's translation).

First, Christ Is the Evangelist and the Witness of the Father In Us
Jesus spoke to the disciples in this passage shortly before His ascension. Jesus clearly let the disciples know that all authority has already been given Him in heaven and upon the earth (Matt. 28:18). Jesus instructed them to go and make disciples of all the nations. In ten days following His ascension, the Day of Pentecost would fully come. For on that prophetic day, the Holy Spirit would begin and fill the Church with the power of Christ within as many were born again. The power and authority of Christ would be indwelling these Spirit-birthed, new creatures in Christ Jesus. Through a period of years they would develop to fulfill the Father's will to make disciples of all nations. Jesus came to live in His new body, the Body of Christ, on the day of Pentecost to fulfil His evangelistic work in us. Christ is the evangelist in us. Christ is the witness of the Father.

Second, Jesus Spoke the Father's Words and Did the Father's Works
Christ lives in us as us to go into all the world. As we go, He is in us to be expressed through us to make disciples of all nations. What does "make disciples" really mean? When people get birthed by the Spirit, it is very easy to get them involved in a program of religious activity. Is this really making disciples? Evangelism and discipleship is all about relationships and fellowship within those relationships. It really takes place on a personal level. It is almost done on a one-on-one basis. Jesus took His disciples aside from the crowd and taught them as a small group of twelve. Some times he took two or three aside for special teaching. Sometimes he just talked and discipled one at a time. Jesus through His teaching revealed His Father to the disciples. Everything He spoke and did was what He saw His Father do in and through Him (John 14:9,10). The Father was in Christ being expressed in and through Him.

Third, We Are to Disciple Others With The True Gospel of 100% Grace
Jesus clearly told his disciples, to make disciples of "all nations." The Father had dealt with the Nation of Israel for an extended period of time. Following Pentecost, began a time of transition where God really moved the Church from a gospel of law to a gospel of grace. While religion still wants to keep the gospel of law, or teach a mixture of law and grace. There is only one authorized gospel today, and that is the gospel of 100% grace. This gospel was revealed to the Apostle Paul by the Holy Spirit (Rom. 16:25). What message are we to teach disciples? I earnestly pray to God, it is the true gospel of 100% grace. Paul says, that if we teach any other gospel, we should be accursed (Gal. 1:6-9).

Fourth, The Father Sees the Lost as His Would-Be Sons and Daughters
A little over 20 years ago, I pastored a small Church of committed believers. One day, I met with our deacon/elder to eat and discuss where we thought the Lord was directing this small Church. We were eating, discussing, and sitting across from one another. In about 5 seconds, the Lord from my center view began to roll aside everything I was viewing in the natural. I soon saw myself rising up and found myself standing in mid air about a 1000 feet high in the sky from the ground as I looked down. When I looked down below, I saw people walking like zombies in different directions. Some were bumping into each other, and others as I looked slightly left were walking off the edge of a cliff. As they did, I saw flames leaping up to consume them. It was an awesome sight. Before I could even ask what this was, a loud thundering voice begin to speak to my right. I looked to my right and saw no one. The voice of My Father spoke and said, "This is My would-be lost sons and daughters, I see them going into hell for all time and eternity, and no one is going to tell them about my Son Jesus."

Fifth, Our Father Gives Us His Heart of Love For Reaching Others
Before, I could even ask what He wanted me to do He spoke again and said, "I want you to go back and tell my Church that I want them to go and reach them." Immediately I saw myself descending, and in about 5 seconds all things begin to roll back like a closing scroll from both sides to my center view. With the awesomeness of this day vision, I was in tears. I was overwrought and asked that we immediately leave. It took me minutes to compose myself and to explain what had happened. For the next week I was in tears, every time that I thought of that awesome revelation and the word from my Father. I am in tears now as I write and relive this all over again, even some 20 years later. I have certainly been touched by my Father's heart of love and pain, concerning reaching others. Our church unanimously decided to terminate my radio teaching ministry and to fund support for foreign missionaries on several continents that were in need. We knew this fulfilled the eternal purpose that the Father wanted most.

Sixth, The Father Wants Us to Have His Heart and Love for the Lost
Jesus wants us to have that same love and concern for the lost as He has. I will never forget his words that ring in my ears today. My Father called them, "My would-be lost sons and daughters." Now that is 100% love. My Father is not viewing the lost or looking down upon them as heathen. He knows what they could and would-be, if some would just go and tell them. If someone would just put up barricades of prayer and His Word to keep them from going into hell for all eternity were ever they live. Our Father wants Christ to live and fulfill it in us.

Seventh, The Father is Waiting for the True Gospel to Go into All the World
The Word teaches the imminent return of Christ, with not a single prophecy left to be fulfilled. Why hasn't Christ returned? Perhaps, our Father is not accepting a perverted or mixed gospel message shared. Perhaps our Father is waiting for the true revelation gospel of 100% grace of the Christ who lives in you as you for others shared to the very ends of the earth. One day when the last man hears this true gospel that the Father elected him to hear from the foundation of the world; then, the Lord shall descend from heaven with a shout for his Bride the Church and we shall all be raptured to meet Him in the air. So shall we meet the Lord in the air and shall we ever be with Him forevermore (I Thess. 4:14-17).

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