Dear Fellow Believers in Christ, (Christ in you living as you is the eternal core of The Revelation)

Was not the Apostle Paul Christ's replacement for Judas and not man's choice of Matthias? What is the rock of revelation that the church is being built upon? Who is the living revelation in us and why? Who is the Divine Teacher of Christ living in us? Why do men and religion fight so hard against the revelation of Christ living in us as us, when Paul was commissioned by Christ to preach that revelation to the church for divine correction? Why is it so essential that the church strongly have its doctrine built around the Pauline Epistles and the revelation? Why is the revelation a crucial part of the only true gospel? Father, thank you for your Son Jesus. Thank you that He now lives fully in us, with your Spirit birthing. Holy Spirit continue to open up the revelation of His genuine life in us full of passion with a love-to-others Spirit, and life-for-others nature, for you will and good pleasure, O Father.


"For I continually make known to you, brothers, the gospel being once then preached by me is not ever according to man. For not from man I at intervals received it, nor was I once then taught, but through a revelation of Jesus Christ" (Gal. 1:11,12, Expanded Greek Translation – EGT).

First, Paul was the Father's Choice to Minister and Share The Revelation
Paul was an apostle, not from men or through men, but through Jesus Christ and God the Father (Gal. 1:1). Christ called Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus, a murderer of Christians, to be His apostle. Saul had never really walked with Jesus of Nazareth nor was he a disciple of Christ during His earthly ministry. Could not this be God's choice to replace Judas as the twelfth apostle? Peter quoted Old Testament scripture (Acts 1:20), and men cast their lots and chose Matthias. While this all sounds very spiritual, Jesus had clearly commanded them "to WAIT for the Promise of the Father" (Acts 1:4). They didn't wait. They felt they had to DO something for God. However, The Father was planning a new thing beginning at Pentecost and forward. Jesus called Paul Himself. Paul was the Father's choice. The 24 elders in heaven are the heads of the 12 tribes of Children of Israel and the 12 apostles (including Paul and not Judas or Matthias, Rev. 4:4). Where do you read about the fruit of Matthias' ministry? Ah, but look at over one-half of the New Testament. You will find Paul ministering and sharing God's apostolic message of the revelation to Israel and then to the Gentiles, starting and developing churches throughout the known world.

Second, The Church is Being Built on the Rock of The Revelation
Paul went to the desert of Arabia for nearly 3 years (Gal. 1:16). The Holy Spirit taught and revealed Christ in Him (Gal. 1:17, 18). He was not led by the Spirit to confer with flesh and blood (Gal. 1:16). For the heart of the message of the revelation cannot be understood by the natural mind or senses (I Cor. 2:9). Flesh and blood cannot reveal this to us as Jesus told Peter (Matt. 16:17). The Father who is in heaven reveals it (Matt. 16:17). The church is being built on the rock of revelation knowledge of Christ in us the hope of glory (Matt. 16:18; Col. 1:27). It is this rock of revelation knowledge that Christ told Peter would keep the gates of Hell from locking the church out of what it is doing in this earth (Matt. 16:18). Satan, hell, or the grave cannot lock us out of our Father’s eternal plan.

Third, Christ in Us is the Living Revelation for Eternal Life and Fellowship
The rock of revelation knowledge that God chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world is the first key (Eph. 1:4). The Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world is the second key (Rev. 13:8). The eternal plan of God was consummated by Jesus on the cross (I Peter 1:20). In, on, and by Christ everything was finished (John 19:30). Christ's final and complete sacrifice for all time and eternity was substantiated by the Father raising Him from the dead. Christ is the living revelation. Christ now lives His resurrection life in and through us. Christ Spirit birthed in us is our eternal life source. It is through Christ in us, that we have fellowship with the Father and expression in the Body of Christ.

Fourth, The Holy Spirit Discipled and Revealed Christ Living in Me
One evening in 1974, I was listening to some reel-to-reel teaching tapes from a radio preacher. A young man came forward during the invitation and told him that God had called him to preach, but he didn't know whether he should go to a Bible college or just let the Spirit teach him. I shut the tape off, and immediately prayed, "Lord I know you've called me to preach, but I don't know what I should do." Immediately the Lord spoke to me in what seemed to me as an audible voice and said, "Go ahead and search the scriptures." Having never before experienced God speaking to me in such a miraculous manner, at first I didn't understand. I thought someone heard me praying, and was replying. I checked the front door, the window and the closet. No one was there, so I came back and turned to John 5:39, where Jesus said, "You search the scriptures." Again the voice of Jesus about half as loud and behind me said, "Go ahead and search the scriptures." I turned to one scripture after another as led, and seven scriptures stood out to me by the Spirit, while other scriptures on the page were a blur. Through His spoken word and the seven scriptures, Christ told me that He would teach me. The Holy Spirit and Christ faithfully fulfilled and revealed the revelation of Himself living in me. The Holy Spirit revealed Christ in me.

Fifth, Religion and Man Don't Want the True Gospel of The Revelation
Religion doesn't want to talk about Christ living in you, because that would take away their control of man by the law. Man doesn't want to talk about Christ living in you, because his pride believes he has to be somebody. The truth is that Christ is the grace of God in us. Christ is the somebody inside of us. Christ is the One the Father wants expressed in and through us, to and for others. The Father isn't looking for us to be a better self. The Father wants us simply to be a container or vessel that Christ can live in and through to do and express His will. After Paul was taught 3 years, he went up to Jerusalem and withstood Peter to his face (Gal. 2:11). Why? Peter was being religious and mixing law and grace, which was not the true gospel of the revelation that had been revealed to Paul.

Sixth, Doctrine to the Church from the Epistles according to The Revelation
Hearing doctrine taught out of the Old Testament scriptures given to and for Israel, spiritualizing them for the church, causes the Holy Spirit to send out a clear warning in me. This is contrary to the true gospel and the revelation of Christ in me as my very life. "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness" (II Tim. 3:16). It says "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God." However, it does not say all scripture is doctrinal for the Church. Paul precedes this by informing us that we need to be "rightly dividing the word of truth" (II Tim 2:15). The epistles are given primarily for church doctrine. Other scriptures to Israel (non-birthed sons under the law), serve primarily as examples and applications to the church for reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness.

Seventh, The Revelation of the Father and the Son in Us is the True Gospel
The apostle Paul is very emphatic about this. Paul says if it isn't the grace of Christ, it is a different gospel (Gal. 1:6); which is an illegitimate, perversion of the gospel of Christ (Gal. 1:7). Paul says if anyone preaches another gospel let him go to hell (Gal. 1:8,9). Paul prays that we will be given the revelation of the Father and the Son (Eph. 1:16-18). Christ is the living of the true gospel in us.